Fireworks & Dogs

Are Never A Good Combination

As Victoria Day approaches, I want to send an important message to all my doggy friends and owners about the dangers of fireworks and dogs.

Fireworks Displays & Dogs

Last year, one of my good friend’s dog went missing for 4 whole days after he went to a fireworks display at Ashbridges Bay. While many of you reading this would say “Well duh, don’t bring your dogs to fireworks!” it’s an extremely common mistake that many dog owners make each year.
No matter how calm and relaxed your dog is, you will never know how they can react to a fireworks display. Trust me when I say, it’s not worth finding out.
Many dogs will suddenly go into panic mode, and as the fireworks continue, they get so panicked that they struggle and manage to slip out of their harness or collar, and run for their lives.

Fireworks Anxiety Indoors

Keeping your pooch indoors with the windows and doors closed is your best course of action. This won’t help with the noise though. For those dogs that have fireworks anxiety, there are many things you can do to help them cope with their anxiety while indoors.
The following is a list of all natural remedies and tips you can use during fireworks to help calm your pup. None of these are cures, but each can help a small percentage. If used in combination with each other, you my find that the results are quite promising.

Tips for Calming


  • Be sure that there is less than 1% THC – only legally purchased CBD from a prescription or the can guarantee this. Healeaf Drops is also a good brand that I have tested personally, and it can be purchased at some local pet stores.
  • For human CBD, Start with one drop for 3 days and continue with 2 drops for the following 3 days.
    • Add an additional drop each 3 days and monitor your dogs behaviour. As long as your dog does not begin to appear paranoid, CBD should have a calming affect.
  • If your dog begins to display signs of paranoia, discontinue use right away.
CBD Oil for dogs

Thunder Shirt



The Thundershirt is a tight shirt designed to keep your dogs nervous system calmer using a similar method to how bandage pressure wraps manipulate blood flow.  Its the same idea as swaddling a baby. ThunderShirts work to reduce heart rate, which typically spikes during anxiety. You can buy a ThunderShirt on amazon or at many local pet shops.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Rescue Remedies have been used for decades on humans to help relieve anxiety and stress naturally. You can use either the human or animal one and the same dosage as you would for a child. Bach Flower Remedy can be purchased on amazon, or in most local health food stores.



Isolation From The Sound

During a thunderstorm or a night of fireworks, you can try to reduce the amount of sound your dog is exposed to by doing some of the following steps:

  • Closing all windows
  • Putting on some background noise (television, music, noise machine etc.)
  • Putting your dog in a room where there is less sound carrying from the outside (basement or a room without windows).


Consoling Dog Anxiety

Contrary to our maternal and paternal instincts, never baby talk or coddle a dog that is having anxiety. This will perpetuate their current emotional state, as you are unconsciously praising this state of mind. Act (and believe) that there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening. It’s very important not to feel sorry for your dog, as this too will perpetuate their mental state. Unfortunately you can’t fake your feelings with dogs, as they can sense all of our emotions. If you are also anxious, they will pick up on this, and it will make them worse. If you both have to take some CBD to calm yourselves, then by all means please do it. It will make both of your evenings a more pleasant one.

Giving Your Dog Affection During Anxiety

Do not give in to demanding behavior for affection. Really, you should never allow this, but especially when they are anxious. Allowing this would only be encouraging this behaviour, and will not help their mental state. If they wish to cuddle, be sure you are the one inviting them. Don’t let them try to bury themselves in you. When they are being too demanding by pawing at you, pushing their nose into you etc.  tell them “off”. Have them lie at your side without touching you. If they are able to sit beside you without being demanding, they can lean on you, but be careful not to start saying “ohh it’s ok baby, poor baby…” while you pet them.
There are many small things we can do to help our dogs with their anxiety.  If we put a few things together, it might help just enough, that it won’t ruin our evening.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. Your pet’s medical protocol should be given by your veterinarian.

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