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Helping rescue dogs and street dogs integrate with their new families.

Why is training for rescue dogs and street dogs so specific?

Most rescue dogs come with baggage that causes them to have some behavioural issues. It is common that these dogs need specific rescue dog rehabilitation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what your getting when you adopt a rescue. Oftentimes it takes at least 3-4 weeks before a dog will start to come out of their shell and show their true colours. This period is called the “decompression period”.

During this time, most dogs will not test the boundaries as readily, as they are just getting to know you and their new environment.

It is absolutely crucial to start working on your relationship and leadership / protector skills with them from day one.

Many new rescue dog adopters are shocked when their new rescue dog starts exhibiting new unwanted behaviours at the 3-4 week mark. (Some of the more fearful rescues can take longer than this since their decompression period is usually elongated). This is why it is absolutely crucial to start working on your relationship and leadership / protector skills with them from day one. 

If you start your relationship off with them on the right foot, many of these behaviors may not even surface. If they do, it will be much easier for you to nip some of these unwanted behaviours in the bud.

Due to the common backgrounds of rescue dogs (shelter dogs and street dogs), there are common behavioural issues that tend to pop up when these dogs are integrating with their new families. Some of the common unwanted behaviours we see in rescue dogs include:

Rescue dog rehabilitation | Kristina and Daisy Dharamsala Animal Rescue

Having personally adopted and fostered my own rescues (before I became a dog trainer), I have experienced going through extreme difficulties with behavioural issues and feeling completely lost and hopeless. Because of my personal experiences, I not only have the knowledge, but the understanding of what it's like to be going through difficulties like these. This helps me provide new rescue dog parents with the help and compassion they need to succeed with their rescue dog rehabilitation. 

The Hairy Dogmother

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  • I have been working with Kristina 5 sessions so far, and I have nothing bad to say about her. I can say that Kristina is a friendly, caring person not only towards her clients but also to their animals. She is an active listener, and she assesses your problem and your dogs behavior/demener to come up with the best and ultimate plan that works for your dog. I highly recommend her and have recommended other clients to her.

    Tania Golding Avatar Tania Golding
  • I recently adopted a little Shelter dog, who was a real bossy bully of a dog, and walking her turned into a stressful event for both of us. But Kristina help me learn how to pick-up on my dog's body cues/language and help guide her past trigger dogs (i.e. anything bigger than her) in a calm, firm manner. She so much more relaxed on our walks now and I can't thank Kristina enough for her patience and knowledge. She is an excellent trainer and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

    Hanna Young Avatar Hanna Young
  • After just one session I noticed a huge improvement in Lima and her reactivity and behavioural issues. Kristina provides detailed feedback after each session and helpful tips tailored to your dog’s needs. Without Kristina’s observation and guidance I would not have been able to identity all the things that could be causing the behavioural issues. Super happy with the sessions. Would definitely recommend!

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    Sandra Santi-Espi Avatar Sandra Santi-Espi
  • Kristina was a wonderful help with our rescue dog. The best thing we did was book a session with Kristina BEFORE we got our dog. That way we were able to start out on the right foot immediately, and Kristina also had great recommendations for products/equipment to buy. We booked more sessions afterward as well, but booking an introductory/prep session before getting a dog was a game changer. It really helped us create good habits from the get-go. Kristina helped us with many things, including (i) our dog's reactivity around other dogs and people, (ii) loose-leash walking, (iii) setting up healthy boundaries and establishing leadership at home, and (iv) crate training. Kristina was easy to work with, accessible and very knowledgeable. She also sent us fulsome notes after every session, which were really helpful. Could not recommend her more, and we're clearly in good company looking at all of these five star reviews!

    Rebecca Cochrane Avatar Rebecca Cochrane
  • Kristina has been a constant resource in my now two-year old puppy's life - both my pup and I love working with her. She's patient, kind, and always willing to go beyond your session to offer advice or help. I've enjoyed working with her and will continue to use her help whenever there is something that needs adjusting. Thank you Kristina from all of us!! 🙂

    Corine Hiebert Avatar Corine Hiebert
  • Our little girl was a rescue with a lot of fear based aggression. Working with Hairy Tales has given our girl the confidence that she’s needed to go on walks, feel safe when visitors come, and allowed us to understand her needs to make her feel safe. We are SO excited to see this change in our Natty. Thank you so much Hairy Tales. Kristina knew exactly what was going on with our girl and helped us every step of the way!!

    Alyssa Deluca Avatar Alyssa Deluca
  • After only 2 sessions with Kristina, the owner of Hairy Tales, my 3 year old 'COVID' dog is well on his way from being a hyper, anxious, reactive leash-tugger to a loose-leash, non-reactive, well mannered dog. Let's be honest - most training is 'training the owner' on how to take control and manage their dog but the benefits I see in my own dog is amazing. I could not have come this far without Kristina's guidance. My dog is now calmer, less reactive to squirrels & other dogs and is well on his way to learning how to behave when visitors come into our home. It's about consistency, having the right tools and having a great teacher. Kristina takes the time to understand you and your dog; explains and teaches how to modify their behaviour (and your own) so that your dog can be a dog and not a pest. Every day, the improvements are amazing and I couldn't be more impressed. My only regret is I didn't know about Kristina earlier. Thank you Kristina for changing my life with Finnegan - AND Finnegan thanks you too!

    Catherine Smith Avatar Catherine Smith
  • Milo and I are so lucky that we have found Kristina. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Milo ignored me all the time and always pulling me on the walk. Now, after two sessions, he has no pulling at all. Walking has never been this easy and relaxing. More importantly, the training sessions help me a lot to understand Milo’s behavior. Will definitely recommend Kristina to everyone who is seeking for help with your pup! And we will keep our sessions with her!

    Kailin Zhang Avatar Kailin Zhang
  • Kristina has been very helpful training me by helping me understand my rescued street dog's motivations and perspectives. I have seen daily improvement in my pup's behavior following Kristina's guidance.

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    Hans Feldmann Avatar Hans Feldmann
  • My dog Merlot loves Kristina and has made a lot of improvement since working with her. She gives me great tips and advice to ensure that Merlot continues to be a happy pupper that feels comfortable and safe. She’s absolutely wonderful and I would recommend to anyone.

    Gabby B Avatar Gabby B