Recommended Training Products

Slip Leads

Slip leads are fantastic training tools as they allow for more control when used correctly by allowing the leash to stay high up on the neck. Many slip leads are cheaply made and unfortunately do not last long before they begin to slip down all the time. Below are the only two brands of slip leads that I recommend and know work well, and last.

Hunter Slip Lead

Mendota Slip Leads

Lunge Lines

These extra long leashes are recommended during the training process for recall. Lunge leads give controlled distance between you and your dog, but still allow you to step on the leash and reel your dog in when they won’t come back to you, allowing you to enforce your commands.

Kristina recommends 20ft lunge lines, but also really likes the biothane lunge lines as these are easier on the hands and easier to clean. 

For safety, choosing a bright colour is important to make sure people don’t trip on it. 

Hands Free & Running Leashes

These leashes are recommended for activities that require your hands to be free such as jogging, or for dogs who are already trained to heel.

Amazon Basics Jogging Bungee Leash

Tuff Mutt Hands Free Leash

Smoochy Poochy Hands Free Leash

Dog Backpacks

Doggie backpacks are a wonderful to get your dog tired out faster during leashed road walks or for them to carry their own food and water during adventures in the wilderness.

Outward Hound DayPak

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful, yet functional pack for your pooch, Outward Hound DayPak is the backpack of choice.

Kurgo Baxter Backpack

A good middle man option that is durable yet doesn’t break the bank. Its a good quality and durable pack that will enjoy seasons of adventures to come.

This is one of the highest quality dog backpacks on the market. Ruffwear are the leaders in outdoor dog gear. This pack will be extremely comfortable for your dog, as well as last you for years of adventures to come.

Adventure Harnesses

These harnesses are designed with an active dog in mind. They are made to make sure there is no chaffing on long adventures. Some of these harnesses are better for running and biking (VevoPaw Harness), others are great for hiking and other situations where you might need to lift your dog (DiDog & Ruffwear).

VevoPaw Dog Vest Harness

This harness is great for jogging or biking as it comes with the bungee attached, meaning you don’t need to get a special leash.

Didog Multi-Use Harness

This harness can be used for jogging, biking and rollerblading. Its also got a great handle for when you need to lift your dog up onto areas that are higher up than they can climb on outdoor adventures.

This is one of the highest quality harnesses on the market. Ruffwear are the leaders in outdoor dog gear. This harness will be extremely comfortable for your dog, as well as last you for years of adventures to come.

“Do Not Pet” Harnesses

“Do Not Pet” harnesses are highly recommended for dogs who are fearful and / or reactive with humans. Unfortunately, people often think that dogs are there for their own entertainment, and do not think to ask before trying to pet a dog they do not know. Those of you who have a fearful and / or reactive pup understand the frustration when people do not respect your dogs space, and do not ask your permission to pet them first. This harness will drastically decrease both owner and dogs anxiety while out in public. It significantly reduces the number of negative interactions between your dog and strangers as most people who see this vest respect your space and do not attempt to interact with your dog. It is one of the first steps towards recovery for pups with fear of strangers.

This is one of the highest quality harnesses on the market. This harness will be extremely comfortable for your dog, as well as last you for years to come. Only available directly through me.


Sometimes muzzles help with managing your dog if you are afraid that they might bite another person or animal. Muzzles are also great for poop eaters, or dogs that like to put everything in their mouth ans swallow it.

Baskerville Muzzle

The best choice for all dogs as it allows for muzzle desensitization training to make sure your dog doesn’t end up hating the muzzle and not allowing you to put it on.

Duck Muzzle

Made for small dogs, this muzzle helps make your dog look a little less like Hannibal Lecter. This helps when you are working with fearful dogs and you want people to act normal around your dog.

Leerburg Muzzle

These muzzles are much more custom fit. For those dogs who have extra large or long snouts, these are for you! Be sure to measure well before ordering as these are much more custom sized than other muzzles on the market. 


E-collars can be used to rehabilitate even the most traumatized and fearful pups if the right devices are used, AND they are used correctly. The key words here are ‘right device’ and ‘used correctly’.

Old and cheap e-collar technology has unfortunately given these training tools a bad rep, and understandably so. Cheap or old models have levels that are too strong to begin with, and yes, they do hurt your dog.

If used correctly, the new high quality collars are not meant to hurt the dog, and most dogs working level is so light, that humans can not feel it. Each dog is different, and requires different levels depending on environment, excitement and distractions.

I will only sell e-collars along with a training session to assure that this tool is used correctly. To purchase an e-collar, click the button below and request to book a session with me.

Easy Educator

The Easy Educator is my go to e-collar as it comes with some extra bells and whistles that can be very beneficial to dogs with extreme reactivity. This collar is waterproof and has a 1/2 mile range. The remote is much easier to handle than the mini educator when it comes to ease of turning up levels quickly and efficiently.

Micro Mini Educator

Made for small dogs 5lbs and up with a 1/3 mile radius and all the same features as the Easy Educator. The levels are made with less intensity for our small dog needs. Working level for most dogs on this collar are under 13. Most people can not feel anything until level 17.

e-collar dogtra 280c

Dogtra 280c

This e-collar is great for dogs that redirect or have extremely high prey drive. While it doesn’t have as many options as the Easy Educator, the “pager mode” on this one is powerful and helps with the very intense dogs that don’t react well to high stim levels. 

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