Puppy Training

Not all "Pupppy Classes" are built to help you raise a well mannered and confident adult dog.

When Should I Start Training My Puppy?

Puppy training should begin the FIRST DAY you bring your puppy home with you. I often notice that in the typical “puppy classes” you’ll find in your neighborhood do not focus on what I believe are the most crucial lessons and aspects of puppy training. They often like to focus on obedience training such as “sit”, “come” and “down” for example. Unfortunately obedience training is not the most important aspect of early puppy training.  

What Are The Most Important Elements Of Puppy Training?



Proper socialization to as many people, places, objects and environments.


People & House Manners

Learning how to be polite when interacting with people, and what they are allowed and not allowed to do in your home.


Potty Training

Teaching your dog to eliminate outside or on a particular spot you’ve designated.

Proper socialization is the key to a happy well mannered adult dog.

Proper socialization is the most important aspect of a puppies foundational training. The word “proper” being the key word. It is especially important to get this work done before the “puppy socialization window” closes at the age of 4 months. This is because before the age of 4 months, puppies are incredibly resilient to fear, and it takes very little time and effort to get them used to something that they might have initially been terrified of. 

What Does "Proper" Socialization Look Like?

Proper socialization means that we want to introduce our puppies to as many people, dogs, objects and environments as possible, but in a safe and polite way. Safety and manners are the key to proper socialization because if you just take your puppy out and try to meet as many people, dogs, object and environments as possible without being cautious about the experiences being safe and positive, and how polite your puppy is in this process, bad manners and fear can occur from these attempts.

What Happens If My Puppy Is Already Over 4 Months Old?

Don’t worry, we can still socialize your puppy, its just that now that the socialization window has closed, it will take MANY more repetitions and patience for you to socialize your puppy to something than before. 
puppy socialization

Nipping, biting, jumping, and barking are all typical behaviours a puppy will exhibit to try to play and communicate with you. While this might be how they communicate with their siblings, this is not an appropriate way of communicating with you. Its important to teach them right away that these are unwanted behaviours, and your puppy needs to learn to communicate with you differently.

Puppies rarely "grow out of " behaviours.

Jumping up is one of the best examples of something a puppy will do when they are little to get attention. While its cute when they are small, this will quickly become a problematic behaviour when they get bigger and could knock someone over or scratch their legs. 

Whenever your puppy is doing a behaviour, you should always ask yourself if this is something that could become a problem when they are older. If the answer is “yes”, discouraging the behaviour right away is important. 

House Manners & Potty Training

Its important to allow your puppy to explore and have access to your house and meet people under supervision so that you can start to teach them what they are allowed (and not allowed) to do.

To avoid the house from getting destroyed, many people try to set their puppies up for success by “puppy proofing” their house before the puppy comes home, and allowing the puppy to have access to entire rooms or floors of the house unsupervised.  Unfortunately, the lack of supervision creates opportunity for potty accidents and destructive behaviour. Not matter how well you “puppy proofed” the house, the uncluttered floors and hidden cables won’t last forever, and eventually, your puppy has to learn that these things are not theirs to chew. 

This is why crate training when you can’t be watching them, and 100% supervised house exploration sessions are the key to teaching your puppy that they can’t just chew on and pee on whatever they want. 

Puppy house manners

Of course, crate training for many new puppy parents can be incredibly challenging. If you are struggling, DO NOT GIVE UP! It’s important to contact a trainer as there are many techniques to help you though your crate training woes. Without crate training, your house manners and potty training will be a real challenge. Rather than completing the training in weeks, you’ll be struggling for months.

This is where I come in, to help learn how to communicate with your puppy about what they should and shouldn't do. Its important to learn how to communicate with your puppy clearly and effectively to help them learn the new rules of their home. Without this clarity, we are often left with frustrated pet parents and confused and out of control puppies that do not understand what to do.

Puppy Training Options

Ready to set your puppy up to be the best adult dog they can be?  There are some different options available to you:

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  • Working with Kristina on our dog's reactiveness to new visitors entering the home, and her comfort level with her walker, has been massively helpful. She's armed us with confidence and the right training tools to work on these specific issues. Our dog has completed multiple grades of obedience training, but we were missing guidance on what to do in specific circumstances that trigger our dog's anxiety. Having the ability to have Kristina over to our home to replicate the problems we're having in our home environment has been invaluable. We are grateful for the progress made to date and look forward to our future sessions!

    Kim Elliott Avatar Kim Elliott
  • There's a good reason Kristina has 82-now 83- five star reviews here. My partner and I have been with her for just one session with our two rescue doggos and already she has helped us more than all the googling and unsolicited advice possibly could. She offers clear, concise instructions without shaming you for not knowing this as some trainers can. She is always paying close attention to the pups without making you feel ignored and uses those small moments that occur in sessions as only a professional like her could pinpoint as a learning experience for us, and teachable moments for the furry ones. We are absolutely thrilled and are looking forward to continuing this with her!

    Gideon Ruttimann-Hoskins Avatar Gideon Ruttimann-Hoskins
  • Our experience with Kristina was awesome. Within minutes of meeting us and our dog, for an in-studio consultation session, she was able to provide such valuable insights on his personality and tendencies. She later gave us the proper training approach and techniques to correct an issue we were having and we've have already started to see a difference in his behaviour in such a short period time. We look forward to continuing to work with her.

    Tim Ritcey Avatar Tim Ritcey
  • Kristina helped us with our anxious and aggressive rescue dog a few years ago. Her guidance helped us gain confidence and, in turn, give our dog the environment he needed to flourish. We recently reached out for further support and I was surprised that she remembered all about our dog and where we had left off in our training. She is calm, clear and patient (both with our dog and with us) which is so helpful when dealing with stressful behavioural issues.

    Sandra Bertoia Avatar Sandra Bertoia
  • Kristina is super knowledgeable and has helped our Benny immensely! He's amazing and so sweet but was initially very reactive to dogs and humans alike. Kristina takes the time to work with you to establish a better relationship with your dog, and gives you homework so that you have things to work on independently between sessions! Benny no longer pulls on walks and is so calm around other pups. Thanks Kristina!!

  • Kristina is very knowledgeable and takes her time to get to the root of the dogs behavioural issues. My dog has become a lot less reactive to on walks since the two sessions we have had with her. Very much enjoyed the sessions and listening to the philosophies of how she approaches dog behaviourial issues. Very helpful in helping me understand my dog better too.

    Aimee Yoo Avatar Aimee Yoo
  • My favourite thing about Kristina’s training style is her supportive/interactive nature, articulate and honest communication. I started working with Kristina on my dogs leash reactivity/aggression ~1month ago, and I have seen tangible and consistent improvements in my dogs obedience, engagement, and our relationship in general. This was previously a big source of stress in my journey as an owner, and something I have struggled immensely for quite sometime. If you are having difficulties with your dog or maybe you have a dog with behavioural issues that is above your current skill level, she’s your gal!

    Elaina X Avatar Elaina X
  • Kristina is the dog whisperer. I started working with her when I was at wits end with my golden doodle puppy -jumping, biting, leash pulling, barking. Over a few sessions she helped us curb the undesirable behaviors and make him an obedient calm puppy. Results were immediate and her follow up helped make sure we were making continued progress on our own. I"m so so so glad I worked with Kristina. My pup turned one today and he's a really well behaved guy,

    Kristine Coco Avatar Kristine Coco
  • Kristina is an absolute gem to work with!!! She gave us very helpful tips to work with our rescue dog and followed through whenever we had additional questions! We felt very at ease at her studio and loved the walk through sessions outdoors as well. She catered exactly to our needs in working with our dog and with her help we've made SO MUCH progress. Our dog no longer pulls during our regular walks and his reactivity has gone down significantly since working with her. We will continue working with her to help build our doggo's confidence and to allow him to be comfortable in different settings and cannot wait for our next sessions ahead 🙂

    Hyeyoon Boo Avatar Hyeyoon Boo
  • Had 2 sessions with Kristina for my reactive dog. So far so good! Seeing lots of improvements. Kristina is very knowledgeable and professional. Would recommend

    Steven Lu Avatar Steven Lu