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Separation Anxiety Training

Separation anxiety is becoming more and more problematic as we continue to struggle with lockdowns and confinement due to COVID-19. Many people probably don’t even realize their dogs have it yet, since we are not leaving the house enough to even find out.

My suggestion is to try leaving the house for at least an hour, and record it using a webcam (such as the one listed below). If your dog barks, howls or cries for more than 45 minutes, you’ve definitely got a problem.

For tips and tricks on avoiding separation anxiety from happening, take a quick look at my video Addressing Separation Anxiety During COVID-19.

Below are many of the products you will need to begin successfully treating separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety Handbook

Separation Anxiety Book

Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

By Malena DeMartini-Price

I strongly recommend getting a copy of this book if you are trying to work through separation anxiety on your own or with a trainer.

It goes through a step by step process on how to cure your dog of separation anxiety.  While it is written for trainers, anyone will be able to understand the simple step by step process.

Available in print or digital on Amazon.ca.

Web Cams

Web cams are an important component to making sure your dog doesn’t go over their threshold when beginning to desensitize them from being away from you. The following cams have been highly rated and come with apps you can download on your phone making them easy to use, and always accessible no matter where you are.

Wyze Cam V3

This cam is one of the most popular choices for pet parents wanting to work on separation anxiety training. This cam also has 2 way audio and motion and sound detection and alerts.

360° View Pet Camera

This camera is similar to the Wyze with similar detections and alerts, except you get a 360° view, which can especially be helpful when your dog is not being confined to a crate or pen. This way yo have the ability to see them in the entire space. 

Pens or Crates

Its important to have a safe place to put your dog when doing this training to assure they don’t destroy your house or worse, hurt themselves doing it. Crates and pens are crucial in beginning phases of the training to start to teach your dog to give you space.

MidWest iCrate With Divider

If your dog does not display self harm behvaiours such as digging or biting at the bars, this crate is great for you!

Plastic Cargo Kennel

For dogs that tend to self harm (dig or bite bars) in metal crates. This crate is the best choice for you.

Inescapable Crate

Perfect for escape artists or dogs that self harm through digging or chewing on bars.

Stuffable Chew Toys

Use any of the toys below to stuff your dogs food to help them begin to associate their crate and you leaving more positively. Making your dog work for their food in their crate helps them begin to release endorphins helps them begin to realize that being in their crate, or you leaving home is not so scary. For instructions on how to stuff your dogs kibble in a stuffable food toy watch the video below.

Kong Classic

Stuff this toy with your dogs food or favourite treat and freeze it to keep them busy.

Kong Extreme

The same toy as the Kong Classic, the Extreme is a more durable version for the more hard core chewers out there.

Kong Puppy

This Kong is formulated with a softer rubber, which is more satisfying for teething puppies.

Planet Dog Double Tuff

Similar in shape to the Kong, this stuffable chew toy is made of natural non-toxic rubber, infused with mint for fresh breath. This toy has a replacement guarantee with Planet Dog.

Kong Genius Mike

This toy has plenty of room for lots of different sized treats or food.

West Paw Tux

This stuffable chew toy can also be used as a great toy for fetch as its shape causes it to bounce erratically so your dog can’t predict where it will land. West Paw also guarantees all of their zogoflex toys with a replacement plan.

West Paw Qwizzl

The qwizl is an all-time favorite, as you can put chew sticks inside, making for a more challenging chew. Bully sticks fit inside like a charm. This toy can also be stuffed with other treats and food.

West Paw Toppl

This toy has two difficulty levels. Used by itself, it’s a level one for easy. When combined with another Toppl (larger or smaller in size) they can be screwed together to create a more challenging game.


West Paw Tizzi

The Tizzi’s legs can be twisted together to hide the treats in the hole.

Safe Long Lasting Chews

As long as your dog is not a very aggressive chewer, the following bones should be safe to leave with your dog to help keep them busy while you are gone.

Petstages Dogwood Stick

A safe way to allow your dog to chew on a stick. This chew is made of powdered wood that is made with a substance to safely keep it together. It doesn’t splinter and the pieces are safe to swallow.

Petstages Dogwood Stick 2 Pack

The same as the plain Dogwood Stick, but get 2 different wood stick chews in this pack. One of them is BBQ flavoured for those pups that are into meat off the grill!

Split Antler Chew

The longest lasting chew you will ever buy! This all natural antler chew is great for dogs of all ages. Be sure to only get the split antler chew as whole antlers have been known to cause cracked teeth.

Gorilla Chew

An all natural wood chew made of sustainably harvested mangrove root. Because its made of root, this chew does not splinter and the pieces are safe for consumption.

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