Leash Reactivity Workshop

A safe space for current clients to practice working on leash reactivity with other people and dogs.

(For Current Clients OR Clients Who Have Worked With Specific Trainers - Listed In Sign Up)

This is a great opportunity to work on your dog’s leash reactivity around other dogs and people in a controlled environment. Come on down and have some fun with other like minded individuals who understand you, and your dog’s need for space.

***You must be invited or accepted BEFORE signing up for this workshop. This reactive dog workshop is meant for people who have already been working on their dog’s leash reactivity towards people and/or dogs with a trainer (either a couple sessions with Hairy Tales or a trainer listed in sign up sheet).This is because in order for this training session to be successful, everyone who comes already needs to have a basic understanding and knowledge of what they need to do to help correct their dogs reactivity. If you have not had any training yet on your dog’s reactivity, please book an initial consultation with me first so your dog can be assessed before signing up for this workshop. 

What to Expect During This Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to continue working on your dog’s reactivity by doing various exercises around other dogs and people with the supervision and help of a professional trainer. It’s also a non-judgmental, safe-space environment, where you can meet other dog owners who are going through the same thing as you. Together we will help each other navigate through your dogs  reactivity. 

Exercises depend on the group dynamics and dogs capabilities and triggers and can include: pass by’s in motion, pass by’s stationary, human greetings with no dog interactions, dog bum sniffing, dog on dog leashed greetings, human to dog leashed greetings.

Upcoming Dates

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Workshop location

Class Location: 

On the top of the hill in the greenspace behind 339 Sheldrake Blv.

Meeting Point:

Because this is a busy park, we’re going to meet in front of 339 Sheldrake Blv. (just seconds from the Sherwood park parking lot on the north side of the parking lot). We will be using the greenspace above where the baseball diamond is (at the top of the hill) to conduct the session.

From the parking lot, walk to 339 Sheldrake Blv. and enter the park. Stay in the green space at the top of the hill just to the right of the entrance beside 339 Sheldrake Blv.


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