List of Recommended Stuffable Chew Toys

Stuffable chew toys can deliver hours of fun (and a break for you).

Here in Toronto, our off leash dog parks have been closed. For many dog owners, this is making it difficult to find ways to satisfy our dogs energy outputs. Unfortunately, dogs that have pent up energy often get out these frustrations in unwanted behaviours. These behaviours can include: incessant barking, destructive chewing, anxiety, reactivity and even aggression.
Figuring out how to exercise your dog during this confinement period can be challenging, but if you are creative about it, when there is a will, there’s a way.

In this video I go over some different tips and tricks that will help you keep your dog busy and satisfied during these difficult times. Some of these methods require more work on your part than others. Whichever way you choose to keep your dog mentally stimulated and exercised, remember that a tired dog is a happy dog.

Below are links to the recommended training products mentioned in this video:

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Recommended Chews and Toys – Stuffable Chew Toys and Interactive Toys

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