E-Collar Training

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How Does E-Collar Training Work? 

Well, it's definitely NOT the abusive tool that the 'Positive Reinforcement Only' people say it is. 

Have you ever used a TENS machine? Or had a physiotherapist use electrode therapy on your muscles? When using these devices we will put the machine to a level that is comfortable for us. Of course you could dial it up and it could become uncomfortable and even painful, but that is not the point of these machines. 

When using a good quality e-collar, it is the same technology as a TENS machine. When using it properly, our goal is always to use a stim level that the dog feels, but does not cause stress or pain. These devices can most certainly be used abusively, just like how a screwdriver could be used as a weapon. Its all about learning to use the tool properly. 

e-collar training feels like a tens-machine

How Does Hairy Tales Teach E-Collar Training?

There are many different methods when teaching e-collar training. At Hairy Tales, we most often pair the word “no” with the stim. We teach the dog what this stim means by using all of the commands that the dogs knows with 100% certainty in a low distracting environment with treats. 

It will typically take our clients 3 sessions over 3 months to accomplish using the e-collar in a way that both the human and dog feel they both understand 100% how it works, and no longer need the guidance of a trainer to use it. 

What Clients Are Saying About E-Collar Training:

Millie e-collar training success story

I love Kristina’s training methods so much that when e-collar training for my 8 month old puppy came up for discussion, I didn’t hesitate. Every other training session has been so successful so I trust Kristina explicitly when it comes to training my pup. I came to her wanting to have more freedom with my puppy off-leash, and the e-collar has given me that and more. I feel like my puppy and I are so much more in sync. Before, she wouldn’t listen to my commands unless there was a treat. Now, she listens to my commands almost immediately—with no treat—and she feels more calm, balanced and focused because she knows exactly what’s expected of her. It also ensures her safety when we’re off-leash. Something I didn’t even think about until Kristina talked me through what could happen to my high scent-driven puppy without it. I’m so grateful to have had Kristina’s knowledge and expertise during our e-collar sessions. It has been a game changer.

Very Satisfied Client

Do You Use The E-Collar To Help With Unwanted Behaviours?

We certainly can, however, it takes an average of 3 sessions over 3 months for most dogs and their owners to fully understand how to use the e-collar properly before it would be safe to use this in this manner.  This is why the basic obedience e-collar package is 3 sessions and the behaviour modification e-collar package is 5 sessions.

Basic E-Collar Training


$ 850
+ tax
  • 3 Sessions (3.5 hours) + e-collar
  • Recommended for dogs needing basic obedience and recall & NOT for dogs needing help with behaviour issues.
  • Includes written notes and homework after each session
  • Includes access to help between sessions.

Behaviour Modification

E-Collar Training


$ 1065
+ tax
  • 5 sessions (5.5 hours) + e-collar
  • This price includes 10% off 5 sessions.
  • Recommended for dogs with behavioural issues.
  • Includes both basic e-collar training and behaviour modification.
  • Includes written notes and homework after each session.
  • Includes access to help between sessions.

Still Not Sure If E-Collar Training Is Right For Your Dog?

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