Addressing Separation Anxiety

During COVID-19

In this first episode of Ask Me Anything, I talk about addressing your dog’s separation anxiety while in confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because we are home all the time, dogs that do not have separation anxiety could develop it. Dogs that already have separation anxiety could get much worse, however its also the PERFECT time to work on this type of training. The initial stages of separation anxiety training actually require you to be home all the time. Using specific exercises, you must slowly work towards leaving your dog alone in very small steps.

In this video, I give tips on how to make sure that when this is all over, your dog doesn’t end up with separation anxiety. I also give tips for those who have dogs that already have separation anxiety, on what to do so that you don’t unintentionally make it worse.
How to address separation anxiety during covid-19
For dogs that already have separation anxiety, the book I recommend in the video can be found here.

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